Trucker Trousers M (Butter)

"The fit, color and comfort is spot on! I didn’t know which size to get so I contacted their customer service about it (which was really helpful). Eventually choose the butter color because I really wanted a wide fitting cream pants (with pleats) for my wardrobe and these really lived up to my expectations!"

"The trucker trousers are the comfiest and best quality trousers I own. I would wear them everyday if I could!"


"The Trucker Trousers are my go to choice when it comes to having a piece that almost fits to any classy street look outfit. Once I had them in my hands I knew they would be one of my favourite pairs of trousers. You can not only feel the quality of the fabric but you also see it. The drop and aesthetics of these trousers are incredible. Hands down If you are looking for a great pair of trousers, pick one of these, you will not regret it."

"Firstly the materials are exceptional, very high quality & very detailed stitching. I like the baggy fit of the trucker pant and they fit well on my waist. They’re also versatile in the sense that if I want to wear them high waisted then it works. If I want them to drop and droop onto my shoe then the pant is capable of that. The price point is also great & I feel like it’s a good reflection of the product you are getting!"

"The Trucker trousers are easily the best cut trousers in my collection. The cut married with the quality of the fabric means they are light wearing but still feel well made. I’m a waist 32 and have a size medium, the waist band sits on your waist rather than your hips and the fit is perfect - no belts needed. Big thing for me is how they’ve washed, had so many pieces from other brands that fall apart after one cycle, not here - there was no change in colour or texture. A1 fits. A1 brand."
- @louienewton_