Trucker T (M) reviews

"I Love the fit and the fabric, the trousers sit so nicely on any shoe and both pieces literally work with everything. Very happy with them both."

"I bought your trucker trousers on Black Friday and it’s honestly one of my favorite trousers. The color and fit are amazing and I can’t wait for more colorways of it!"

"The trucker trousers are the comfiest and best quality trousers I own. I would wear them everyday if I could!"

"The Trucker Trousers are my go to choice when it comes to having a piece that almost fits to any classy street look outfit. Once I had them in my hands I knew they would be one of my favourite pairs of trousers. You can not only feel the quality of the fabric but you also see it. The drop and aesthetics of these trousers are incredible. Hands down If you are looking for a great pair of trousers, pick one of these, you will not regret it."

"Firstly the materials are exceptional, very high quality & very detailed stitching. I like the baggy fit of the trucker pant and they fit well on my waist. They’re also versatile in the sense that if I want to wear them high waisted then it works. If I want them to drop and droop onto my shoe then the pant is capable of that. The price point is also great & I feel like it’s a good reflection of the product you are getting!"

“I’ve finally found the perfect trousers! The trucker trouser are such an amazing fit and go with so many outfits. You can dress them up and down. Plus, the quality is amazing! Will definitely be investing in another pair in a different colour.”

"First and foremost the fit and breathability of the trucker slacks/trousers is unrivalled; never had a more comfortable fitting pant then the truckers. Not only are they comfortable but the silhouette of the trouser itself is so perfect, even in motion. For me it’s the ideal slack. Quality trumps any other pants that I have bar none. Highly recommend!"

"So nice I bought ‘em twice! Easily one of my favourite items as they’re so versatile. The fit is beaut and the quality is sublime. Love them."