Product care

Get to know more about your Seventh pieces - what they're made from and how best to care for them. We want you to enjoy your Seventh piece for as long as possible, by following our care guidelines you'll get the most use out of your garments.

General garment care - 

  • Wash cold, below 30 degrees (°C).
  • For our Trucker pieces you can dry clean for longevity (our Trucker garments deserve it).
  • Do not iron or bleach, we recommend steaming your Seventh pieces as this will gently remove creases.
  • Hanging the garment can also help it to retain its shape better.
  • Washing our garments on cold helps prevent carbon pollution and increases the lifetime of your Seventh piece, we want you to enjoy it for longer!


Our Truckers fabric composition is Polyester 96%, Polyurethane 4%. This makes the fibers in the garment much more durable and lightweight, it also retains its shape well ensuring you look polished in your Trucker garment.

Airport suits

The Airport hoodies and joggers are created using a 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester neoprene style fabric. This blended composition is less prone to static or pilling, is soft to touch and and keeps the garment's shape for longer.


We created the V2 to have a strong silhouette whilst also being soft and warm to wear. The garment is 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester. The fabric is 610 GSM (Grams per Square Meter) keeping you insulated in the colder months.


Our best selling Combats are made from 65% Cotton, 35% Nylon. This blend of fabric makes the Combats soft to wear yet sturdy, maintaining it's shape throughout the day.


Our Shell Jackets and Pants are made from 100% Nylon for a water resistant finish and insulation. The fibers in the fabric are strong yet lightweight to the wearer.



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