Product care

Get to know more about your Seventh pieces - here's how best to care for them. We want you to enjoy your Seventh piece for as long as possible, by following our care guidelines you'll get the most use out of your garments:

Truckers/Space Coats

  • Dry clean only.
  • Don't leave in a humid place or direct sunlight.

V2s/Combats/Shell pieces

  • Use neutral detergent.
  • Wash with cold water (not luke warm/hot water).
  • Leave to air dry, do not put on the radiator .
  • Do not tumble dry (If tumble dried, fabric warping and discoloration can occur).
  • Don't wash on a long washing cycle.
  • Don't leave in a humid place or direct sunlight.

We recommend steaming your Seventh items, as a more gentle yet effective way of ironing creases out.


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